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News: ENA EREC G5/5 Harmonic Assessments have superseded G5/4-1. Find Out More or Contact Us

The cost to industry of poor power quality across Europe is in the billions, although many companies mistakenly blame the effects of poor power quality on other causes.  

PureSine can analyse, diagnose and correct any power quality issues, potentially reducing lost production time or even data corruption.

An exponential rise in harmonic producing load has seen a corresponding increase in the problems related to the presence of harmonics.  

With more than 25 years of experience, PureSine offer comprehensive harmonic analysis, G5/5 harmonic assessment, harmonic filtration design and installation.

Rather than wait to deal with issues when it’s too late, PureSine offer a pro-active approach to power quality with our regular health check service.

Best carried out annually, the health check identifies changes in load characteristics and harmonic levels, and provides an opportunity to avoid problems before they arise.  

Power Quality Training

One of the greatest obstacles to providing solutions to power quality problems is the correct identification of such issues.  PureSine can offer courses covering both the theoretical and practical aspects of power quality, enabling the attendee to fully understand a range potential power quality issues and the solutions available for each type of problem discussed.

Specialist Testing

PureSine have access to very specialist power analysis equipment that enables us to carry out some very bespoke types of testing, which include but are not limited to:-

Power Quality Solutions

PureSine have partnerships with some of the world’s leading power quality solution providers to help clients solve their PQ issues. Such offerings include but are not limited to:-

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