Power Quality Health Check

Why should we have a Power Quality Health Check?

Power quality analysis is nothing new; it’s been carried out on commercial and industrial sites for years and is a vital service to diagnose and solve complex power related issues. However, it usually takes place in response to a pre-existing problem, and here at PureSine, we don’t believe this is the most effective way of managing power quality.

By the time a power quality survey has been commissioned in response to a problem, significant amounts of damage or lost production time could have happened.  

The Answer: With a proactive approach, committing to regular power quality health checks, potential problems could be identified before costly issues arise.

What does a Power Quality Health Check involve?

The initial consultation involves gathering site specific data such as:

  • Site history; details of changes to the electrical load and/or infrastructure in recent years or since the previous power quality health check. This helps to discover whether there could be power quality issues now that there may not have been noticeable before.
  • The makeup of the load; documenting harmonic producing load that could potentially compromise the power quality (EG. inverter drives, UPSs, LED lighting etc).  
  • The presence of power factor correction and its configuration to gain a fuller understanding of any potential harmonic resonance issues.
  • The presence of existing power quality equipment such as active harmonic filtration, surge arresters and voltage conditioners and how they are performing.

Having gathered the appropriate site information, the final part of the survey is the connection of a power quality analyser that will monitor and record all of the important power quality parameters over the period of at least one week.

The parameters monitored during the power quality analysis include, but are not limited to, the following: –

The main deliverable of the Power Quality Health check is a comprehensive report detailing the findings of the power quality analysis and how this is influenced by the load and any mitigation measures already implemented on site.

The report will conclude with a PureSine PQ Health rating; stating whether the site passes our recommended levels of power quality or whether we’d suggest improvements. Should we discover any issues or areas for improvement, we’ll provide our recommendations with a  no obligation quotation for mitigation equipment. 

The First Step

Here at PureSine, our aim is to help customers concentrate on the things that matter to them. Power Quality issues are often an unwanted surprise and as we’ve highlighted above, can cause a huge amount of costly disruption. 

We’d like nothing more than to remove this element of surprise by taking the pro-active approach. Yes, we’d suggest annual or bi-annual assessments to do this, but the very first step is the most important. 

Simply fill in the form below and we’ll be more than happy to get in touch to discuss your specific situation and propose the most appropriate course of action for you. 

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